Rollers for roller conveyors

Motorized and idle rollers

on customers specifications we produce rollers for roller conveyors at advantageous prices

CMR Group produces a broad range of rollers for the roller conveyors and conveyor belts used in a vast number of industrial processes.
Thanks to the experience acquired since its establishment, CMR Group has developed and fine-tuned various types of rollers for all handing jobs in the ceramic industry: from roller conveyors for kilns and dryers to conveyor belts for compactors and stacking machines, and roller conveyors for product sorting.

Plastic rollers for roller conveyors complete the range

CMR Group designs and manufactures rollers to Customer specifications. The production cycle employed by CMR Group ensures compliance with the most stringent straightness specifications. 100% quality controls during the processing cycles guarantee that high production standards are achieved.
The Customer is always assisted in choosing the best product handling solution. The range of rollers can be subjected to treatments (such as galvanizing) or supplied with coatings, such as:

Main sectors

Other sectors: agro-food.

The production cycle employed by CMR Group ensures compliance with the most stringent straightness specifications

CMR Group can supply coatings with different mechanical characteristics able to improve abrasion resistance and coatings in different colors (orange, yellow, grey, black, red, transparent, green).

The surface textures of the rollers proposed by CMR Group can be smooth or scored to suit any conveying requirement.

The broad range of products distributed by CMR Group also includes a wide variety of feeder elements to suit the Customers’ applications and requests, using plastic materials and steel and with different types of ends and pins. These elements can be fitted with various brands of bearings and be supplied in different precision, noise and vibration level versions.

To complete the range of products, CMR Group also supplies drive bushings in different materials, ring gears, pinions and toothed driving pulleys for all applications. Designed and manufactured in compliance with the standards, the rollers for roller conveyors must conform to the following requirements:

All the tubes used by CMR Group have:

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