CMR Group

Company specialized in the production of custom-made mechanical components

Company specialized in mechanical machining processes

CMR Group has been a leading designer and manufacturer of mechanical components for a variety of industrial sectors for over 30 years. We support our Customers in the production of precision mechanical constructions, agricultural machinery components, industrial mechanical constructions and components for the ceramic industry.

The Group

Production of mechanical components

Leading producer of components for a wide variety of industrial sectors

CMR Group produces custom-made mechanical components for large and small enterprises

Choose a reliable partner to support the growth of your company: we offer a broad range of mechanical constructions and finished products for different types of industrial machinery. CMR Group can provide mechanical components for numberless applications, all researched, designed and made to suit specific requirements.

The Agriculture Division of CMR Group mainly deals with the design and production of: PTO shafts, spare parts for PTO shafts, gearboxes and accessories for agricultural machinery.

Production of accessories for agricultural machinery


Agricultural sector

CMR Group produces mechanical components, including: PTO shafts, gearboxes, pulleys, accessories and components for agricultural machinery.

Automotive sector

We offer advanced technologies to contribute to the research and development of excellent products able to meet the high-quality standards in the automotive sector.

Pumps industry

We produce hydraulic components in cast iron, in stainless steel, in precision casting. Tailor-made production of pump bodies, flanges and rotors.

Food industry

We produce mechanical components for large and small industrial plants. We pay particular attention to the use of specific materials for contact with foods.

Flue industry

We design and manufacture mechanical components in cast iron and carpentry, assembled and used on boilers and pellet stoves.

Ceramic industry

Thirty years of experience in the field of components in the ceramic sector allows CMR Group to meet the different needs of its customers.

Other industrial sectors

From design to integrated logistics services

CMR Group provides a wide range of services for large and small enterprises in many different commodity sectors.

CMR Group is a company specialized in mechanical design engineering and mechanical component manufacture situated in Reggio Emilia. We assist our Customers step-by-step as their projects take shape. From rapid prototyping to final product manufacture, we also provide integrated logistics services constantly updated to market demands.

CMR Group design engineering, rapid prototyping and integrated logistics services make us the ideal Partner in the growth of your company.

Services CMR

Indispensable quality

CMR Group products guarantee a high-quality standard and great reliability thanks to the strong know-how deriving from our experience and the use of a technologically advanced production machine park. The high level of reliability of CMR products has always been our first goal.


CMR Group, thanks to the acquired skills, high professionalism and a technologically advanced production machine park, is able, starting from the study and production of the technical drawing, to create mechanical components based on the most varied needs of its customers.

Integrated logistics services

Being flexible and providing rapid responses is essential in a changing economic scenario like that of the past few years. CMR Group pays particular attention to every aspect of Customer Satisfaction.

Mechanical machining

Thanks to modern machinery and cutting-edge technologies, the CMR Group facilities are able to provide the entire production cycle and handle all the main mechanical machining processes.

CMR Group

The partner to support the growth of your business company