Quality path

We have a technologically advanced fleet of tools and equipment to carry out quality checks

CMR Group path quality

The “Quality Path” begins by painstaking selection of the supply sources of the raw materials with which all the Group products are made. The entire production cycle is performed by technologically modern machinery and leading-edge equipment, while highly specialized technicians monitor stringent, precise validation processes with regular statistical controls involving production phases before and after the finished articles have been manufactured. The commitment is to assure specifications conforming to the highest standards.

Indispensable quality...

…is not just a slogan but a credo, a duty, an integral part of the corporate culture upheld by CMR Group since it was established

All stages of the mechanical machining processes are monitored by KPI

Strict, regular audits ensure that the materials are only obtained from Suppliers with ISO 9001 Quality Certification in accordance with the mandatory Quality standards. The protocol also requires the actual Producers of raw materials to perform inspections throughout their entire production cycles to guarantee that the physical characteristics of the materials used to make the finished products conform to expectations.


Quality Control laboratories

Modern Quality Control laboratories in the production facilities and the CMR Group headquarters constantly assist the production phases by checking all products to static control in order to guarantee their conformity. The validation processes include checks during production and in the CMR Group metrological laboratories. This ensures that the products are complaint before they leave the production facilities.

Certifications and checks on request

The metrological laboratories are outfitted with modern instruments, all with calibration certificates as required by the Quality standards. The main verification and control instruments are: three-dimensional mechanical arm, altimeter, hardness tester, roughness tester, go/no go smooth and thread plug gauges go/no go, calipers, micrometers. When the products have passed the control tests and trials, they can be sent to the CMR Group Distribution Logistics Center. ISO 9001 Quality certification, first obtained many years ago, represents CMR Group’s further on-going commitment to Quality issues.

If requested specifically by the Customers, CMR Group can provide the following documentation with the supplies:


Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)