CMR Group, 30 years of passion and commitment

We manufacture custom-made mechanical components based on the Customer's specifications

We study, design and manufacture mechanical components based on the customer’s design

CMR Group has been a leading designer and manufacturer of mechanical components for a variety of industrial sectors for over 30 years. We support our Customers in the production of mechanical constructions for agricultural machinery, industrial automation and provide replacement parts for the machines used in the ceramic sector.

Headquarters and production facilities

CMR Group has several production facilities in Italy and the Far East, as well as service branches in strategic zones, near to the customers.

CMR Group

Our headquarters are situated in Borzano di Albinea (Reggio Emilia) Italy. They cover an area of some 10,000 sq m of which 1,000 sq m are dedicated to offices and 9,000 to storage facilities, while the remaining unroofed areas are used for loading/unloading operations and storing materials.

CMR Group has several production facilities in Italy and the Far East, as well as service branches in strategic zones, near to the customers. The production facilities are able to supply iron or steel castings, precision castings, castings in aluminium or sintered materials, hot-pressed steel parts and moulded plastic components. Workshops outfitted with modern machine tools provide the customers with a wide variety of customized components while guaranteeing flexible production methods.


Company vision


Passion, commitment, curiosity, professionalism, technical skills, research and development are an integral part of CMR Group’s DNA. A sound and pragmatic family-run business, the company began with a local production of technical articles for the ceramic industry (pulleys, shafts for glazing plants and parts made to customer specifications). Thanks to the intuition and farsighted policies of the Company Management, important investments made over the following years in production facilities situated abroad allowed the production capacity to be increased by a considerable extent and consequently expanded the range of products the Group was able supply. The main principles on which the CMR Group philosophy of is based are:

All the concepts and values described above have directed CMR Group towards ambitious future business development and customer loyalty promoting goals. In addition, CMR Group focuses on strengthening its relations with all stakeholders in Italy and abroad, while it constantly strives to acquire new market shares, to expand its range of products and services and reinforce all areas of the company.


The continuous and profound changes the market has undergone over the years have led to new regulations with which companies must comply if their business results are to be satisfactory. Flexibility, readiness and a level-headed attitude are essential characteristics allowing businesses to become top-level protagonists of the current and future global market. Research and CMR design engineering, drafting of technical drawings, planning and manufacturing products with high quality standards are an integral part of the company mission.

Issues concerning industrialization and production cost containment, analysis of processes and work flows, research and development, on-going acquisition of new technologies and production equipment are what makes CMR Group stand out from the other competitors on the market. International localization and an efficient logistics organization are assets allowing CMR Group to supply a wide variety of products and mechanical components in record time and with an excellent quality/price ratio.

Customer satisfaction and loyalty are among the company’s most important daily goals.

Corporate Mission