CMR Group performs high quality mechanical machining processes

Consultancy services for mechanical design engineering

Thanks to the skills acquired, high-level professionalism and technologically advanced production machinery, CMR Group is able to produce parts to suit the most varied Customer requirements by researching and creating the actual technical drawings.

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We realize rapid prototyping of mechanical components at the Customer’s request

  • We receive the technical drawing

  • Choice of the production method

  • Drafting of the production cycle

  • Production cost estimation

  • cost verification

  • The offer is sent to the customer

Creation of custom-made products to Customer specifications

The Customer sends the drawing of the part he requires to the CMR Group Sales Office. All the relative reference standards are sent with the drawing.

If the part is considered feasible, the production method is chosen on the basis of the type and quantity. The drawing is checked to make sure that the tolerance values and technical specifications are compatible with the chosen production method.

Once the most suitable production method has been chosen, the work cycle is drawn up with all the stages required to transform the raw material into the final part.

All the estimations and research required to calculate the cost of the product and the time required to make it are assessed on the basis of the previously identified work cycle.

The costs of the various stages are checked and added together to obtain the overall total cost of the part.

The overall cost is submitted to the Sales Office, where staff members will send an offer to the Customer complete with any important additional details to be considered in the production order.

Mechanical machining processes such as milling, turning and grinding, castings and precision castings can be provided using different materials so as to offer a broad range of purpose made solutions.

CMR Group products for agricultural machinery applications and a wide variety of other industries allow the company to justifiably lay claim to being trusted Partners, able to provide a comprehensive service for each mechanical part, from the drawing, to design engineering and manufacturing through to post-production technical/sales support.

Products designed by CMR Group

The Customer sends the drawing of the part as it has been manufactured to date. When available, the Customer also provides a sample, which is sufficient if the drawing is unavailable.

The Technical Office of CMR Group contacts the Customer’s Technical Office to obtain information about how and where the part is to be used and if there are any problems concerning the current way in which it is manufactured and/or employed.

Depending on the shape of the part and its application, the most suitable smelting process is chosen and the project for practicable production of the part is developed.

Using the new drawing developed by the CMR Group Technical Office, the work cycle is established with all the steps required to transform the blank into the part requested by the Customer.

The cost of manufacturing the blank part and all the other processing phases required are established on the basis of the work cycle

To establish the overall cost of manufacturing the part, the cost of the casting is checked along with that of all the other processing stages.

The Sales Office is informed of the overall cost and submits an offer to the Customer complete with all the necessary details at the same time as the new drawing is sent. The CMR Group Technical Office liaises with the Sales Office for any further details to be discussed with the Customer.

The Customer checks the documentation received and if any changes to the drawing are required will interface directly with the CMR Group Technical Office.

If any changes must be made to the proposed technical drawing, the CMR Group Technical Office will apply the modifications and submit the new drawing to the Customer for approval. Once definitive confirmation has been received from the Customer, the Sales Office can proceed with the order.If substantial changes are required, the costs will be re-calculated, quantified and communicated to the Customer.

  • we receive the technical drawing and/or original samples

  • consultation with the customer to acquire additional information

  • choice of the production method and first design draft

  • drafting of the production cycle

  • production cost estimation

  • cost verification

  • The offer and drawing are sent to the customer

  • verification by the customer

  • last modifications and final confirmation

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