HTD toothed pulleys

CMR Group can manufacture and distribute a broad range of pulleys for use in the transmissions of ceramic systems, agricultural machinery (choppers and disc cutters), textile machines and industrial automations in general.

Custom-made and standard toothed pulleys

The types of pulley proposed include:

Main sectors

Other sectors: agro-food, packaging.

Belt pulley design and production

The range of 20 mm to 1,000 mm diameter pulleys suits most of the applications required by the market.

More specifically, CMR Group produces patented pulleys for the ceramic industry coated in polyurethane for minimum wear, able to guarantee savings since fewer spares need be kept in stock.

There is a vast production of customized pulleys made with very different types of material: steel, aluminium, cast iron, thermoplastic resins, etc… If required by the Customer, the products can be subjected to a variety of heat and protection treatments including induction hardening, carbonitriding, galvanizing, burnishing, phosphatization and powder coating.

Flexibility, experience and in-depth knowledge of the technological production processes meet and satisfy the Customers’ every requirement.

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