Mechanical machining

Mechanical machining

CMR Group uses a broad and diversified range of equipment to provide Customers with the mechanical machining operations they require.

Paper sector knife holder shaft

A broad and modern range of machinery for precision mechanical machining processes.

All the production facilities have modern departments outfitted with machine tools, which include:

A comprehensive range of equipment that allows CMR Group to provide a complete and highly qualified service.

CMR Group assures constant quality by performing precise and thorough checks

Strict and scrupulous quality management in every aspect of the activities performed in the facilities belonging to the Group is a mandatory requirement for leading players in today’s market and, thanks to precise and accurate controls, CMR Group is able to assure that the products conform to constant quality criteria. The components can also be subjected to heat treatments, grinding, galvanizing, burnishing or EPD before being consigned.

Main sectors

Other sectors: ceramic, oleodynamic, agriculture

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