Cast iron castings

Production processes

Our foundries produce grey, spheroidal and special iron castings. Based on the Customers’ drawings and specifications, CMR Group can supply both “blanks” and fully machined parts using conventional machine tools and machining centers (CNC).

Piston pump housing

CMR Group produces iron and steel castings for Customers with the most advanced application requirements in various different commodity sectors. The range includes: components for agricultural machinery, earth moving machines, parts for engines, compressors, vibrators, reduction gears and pumps.

Production of dies and castings in iron for mechanical constructions

CMR Group can supply castings weighing up to 1,000 kg in grey or nodular cast iron.

The castings are made in DISAMATIC automatic moulding lines with flasks measuring 600x700x250 mm or up to 1,000×1,400×400 mm. Semiautomatic lines can produce castings of different sizes in both grey and nodular cast iron using shell-mould technology.

Main sectors

Other sectors: agriculture, fluid motion industry.

CMR Group can supply both “blanks” and fully machined parts using conventional machine tools and machining centers (CNC)

CMR Group‘s in-house team of expert designers and engineers is a matter of pride for the company. Working from the headquarters, the team is at the Customers’ disposal for initial feasibility assessments and to analyse potential difficulties in creating the finished product.

CMR Group‘s ability to deal with all the work flows within the company thanks to highly qualified experts who rapidly proceed from feasibility analysis to design engineering and production in specialized departments where patterns and core boxes are made, is the highlight of CMR Group’s proposal.

As described above, this internal organization speeds up the initial stages of the project. This is very important, since it allows the first samples to be supplied within the shortest possible time. Any changes to the fixtures, maintenance and pattern plate carrier centering in the pattern change device can also be performed very quickly: a clear and evidently efficient service that testifies to the spirit of collaboration established between partners.

Most commonly used materials for cast IRON CASTingS

Grey cast ironNodular (spheroidal) cast iron
G20 compliant with UNI EN 1561:1997 GJL-200GS400 compliant with UNI EN 1563:1997 GJS-400-15
G25 compliant with UNI EN 1561:1997 GJL-250GS500 compliant with UNI EN 1563:1997 GJS-500-7
G30 compliant with UNI EN 1561:1997 GJL-300G20 compliant with UNI EN 1561:1997 GJL-200

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