Soil preparation machinery

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CMR Group offers a broad range of components for soil preparation machinery, this machinery includes:


Powered by the PTO drive shaft, the gearbox transmits torque directly to the pulley which, in turn, is connected to the rotor where the blades and/or hammers are attached.

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Gearboxes for this application: series L and series T, both with free wheel

The PTO drive shaft in this application does not require a torque limiter (use a PTO shaft with free wheel if the gearbox is without). Use of a PTO drive shaft with shear bolt torque limiter is recommended to protect the gearbox in the event of overloads. To prevent vibrations, a PTO drive shaft with telescopic 6-spline star tube is recommended for lengths exceeding 1,600 mm.

Cutter and rotary mower

Powered by the PTO shaft, the gearbox is connected directly to the pulley or blade holder hub.

Rotary cutters

The gearbox is powered by the PTO drive shaft. Power is transmitted by a hydraulic pump connected via a flange.

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