Accessories for agricultural machinery

CMR Group is the first enterprise in the agricultural machinery component industry to propose a comprehensive range of accessories for every type of application.

In detail, we propose parts for the following specific machines:

Flail mowers

Flail mowers, stalk cutters and brushwood choppers

  • – balanced rotors;
  • – compactor rollers;
  • – standard and customized hubs for rotors and rollers;
  • – belts;
  • – belt tensioners;
  • – pulleys and shrink-disks;
  • – counter-blades;
  • – hydraulic cylinders;
  • – UCF and UCFL types steel supports;
  • – customized cast supports;
  • – shaft guards;
  • – precision-cast structural parts (lost wax castings)
  • – inter-row wheels.
Round balers

Round balers

  • – customized extruded rotors and rollers;
  • – customized pick-up components;
  • – chain gears;
  • – UCF, UCFL and UCFP types steel supports;
  • – hydraulic cylinders;
  • – actuators;
  • – customized shafts and extensions;
  • – precision-cast structural parts (lost wax castings).

Accessories and components for agricultural machinery

UCFL self-aligning bearing units
Hub for wheels
Bearing holder for rotor
Guide pulleys
Belt pulleys
Gears for chain transmission
Lemon tubes to measure
Bushes for lemon tube
Block spring for rotary rakes
Roller heads for shredder machine
Labyrinth heads shredder machine

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