pulegge smalteria


CMR GROUP design, manufacture and market a wide range of pulleys, in particular those pulleys used in ceramic plants, agricultural machinery (forage, harvester and disc cutting bars), textile machines and handling systems.

The pulley types includes:

  • V-belt pulleys, sections A, B, C.
  • Steel or cast iron or aluminum toothed pulleys
  • idle and fixed pulleys for glazing lines

Pulley diameters can be from 20 mm to 800 mm, which can comply with most of the client’s applications.

For the ceramic sector, CMR GROUP can supply patented pulleys with polyurethane coating with very limited wear that grants significant cost savings and lower stock levels.

In addition to a very large range already in production, CMR GROUP can also develop any pulley based on customer designs.

The customisation of the pulleys includes the use of different types of materials such as cast iron, steel, aluminium, thermoplastic resins as well as different types of heat treatments to improve the mechanical characteristics of the materials, even combined with coating processes, painting and antioxidants.

Thanks to flexibility and experience combined with an in-depth knowledge of the technological processes, CMR GROUP can fulfil any customer requirement.