From design to complete realization of the products !

CMR is able to design , project and realize a large number of products studied according to the singular clients requirement , also thanks to the high professionalism and technologically advanced production . After 20 years experience, CMR became Supplier who can promptly respond to various customer needs. CMR experience create new know-how for OEM customers, this open the way for new development projects that counts CMR under the first supplier for many international customers. The mechanical machining with NC machines  and the variety of materials of casting and microcasting , allows CMR to offer customers a wide range of ad hoc solutions .  Quality and product innovation: thanks to our skills developed from the industrial sector in terms of design competence, reliability and performance, based on the continuous improvement logic Level of service: offer a leading-edge and outstanding level of service in terms of pre-sales and after sales support according to customer requirements. Competitiveness: outsourced production, both in Europe and China, to get the best quality/competitiveness.  Logistics: Every CMR premise offer a warehouse service as for standard and customized parts, guaranteeing the agreed delivery time. The logistic can be managed both directly from the central premises and warehouses close at our most important customers.