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Iron and Steel Castings

CMR GROUP can produce cast iron and steel castings for various industrial sectors such as: components for agricultural machines or for earth-moving machinery, engine/compressor parts, vibrators parts , housings for gearboxes units and pump parts.
CMR GROUP manufacture castings in grey cast iron and nodular cast iron , and also in carbon steel or stainless steel, AISI 304-316, weighing up to 300 kilograms, see the list of raw materials that can be cast.
CMR GROUP cast with automatic moulding lines (DISAMATIC) with 500 x 600 x 200 mm frames and with larger frames up to 1000 x 1400 x 400 millimetres
On semi-automatic lines, CMR GROUP can produce big size castings in grey cast iron and in nodular cast iron by shell moulding technology.
The CMR GROUP companies can produce all needed moulds and core boxes.
In Italy, CMR GROUP has a team of experts, who assist the customers for the initial feasibility assessments , and able to analyse the possible critical aspects of the project.
With highly qualified personnel and departments specialised in the production of the moulds and core boxes, CMR GROUP is able to do a rapid initial turnaround on projects and provide the first samples very quickly. Any changes to the equipment that may be requested later can also be implemented in short time.
Based on the customer’s drawing and requests , CMR GROUP can supply just raw castings (blanks), but also finished parts, including the mechanical machining.
Mechanical machining is carried out on numerically controlled machine tools (NC) and machining centres (CNC) inside the CMR GROUP facilities.

The most commonly used materials for cast iron are:

G20 according to UNI EN 1561 : 1997 GJL-200 GS400 according to UNI EN 1563 : 1997 GJS-400-15
G25 according to UNI EN 1561 : 1997 GJL-250 GS500 according to UNI EN 1563 : 1997 GJS-500-7
G30 according to UNI EN 1561 : 1997 GJL-300 G20 according to UNI EN 1561 : 1997 GJL-200