CMR GROUP has been producing gears for over twenty years for many clients and almost any industrial application.

Thanks to the acquired experience and know how and also thanks to its highly qualified staff, CMR GROUP  can fulfil the requirements of the most demanding customers.

CMR GROUP can manufacture gears with modules from 0,5 up to 12 , straight or helical gears, bevel gears – single and pair – and worm screws, gear crowns for worm screws, pinions and crowns for roller chains.

Starting from the client’s drawing ,  or from the gear sample, CMR GROUP can supply the finished product, including heat treatment and grinding or shaving if required.

CMR GROUP manufacture also toothed shafts up to a length of 2000 mm and chain sprockets with pitch up to 2 “½.

Each phase of the gear manufacturing includes strict controls, each batch is accurately traced

CMR GROUP look after the production process with continuous improvement of both methods and machinery.