Rollers for Roller Conveyors

CMR GROUP manufactures a very wide range of rollers for roller conveyors and conveyor belts used in industrial material handling.

In particular, CMR GROUP has designed and developed a variety of rollers for all types of handling in the ceramic industry: from roller conveyors for kilns and dryers, to roller racks, from conveyor belts for the packaging machinery and stackers to the roller conveyors for product selection.

CMR GROUP produces rollers just according to customer specifications with lengths from 200 mm to 4000 mm. CMR GROUP production process allows the compliance with the most stringent straightness limits, thanks to 100% quality checks during the various stages of the manufacturing process.

CMR GROUP assist customers in finding the best application solutions for any type of handling in the ceramic industry thanks to its gained vast, in-depth experience in the use of different types of roller coatings and coating treatments, essential in ceramic plants.

The range of roller coatings that can be supplied includes:

  • PVC  suitable for operating temperatures up to 70 ° C
  • PVC + NEOPRENE  for operating temperatures up to 120 ° C
  • silicone coatings for temperatures up to 200 ° C.

CMR GROUP can provide coatings with different mechanical features to ensure greater resistance to abrasion; the coatings can be supplied in different colors (black, orange, yellow, green, red, clear grey).

The surface of the coating proposed by CMR GROUP can be smooth or ridged to meet any transport requirement.

CMR GROUP also offers a wide range of components for dragging, depending on the application and customer requirements, with plastic or steel parts, with heads and pins of different types that can be fitted with bearings of different brands, different implementations for precision, noise and vibration levels.

CMR GROUP can also supply drive bushings in different materials, suitable for all applications in the ceramic plant sector.