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PTO shaft

The PTO shaft is the mechanical device that transfer the power from the tractor to the agricultural implement.

The PTO shaft is made of two joints connected by telescopic tubes: one joint connects the outer tube of the PTO shaft with the tractor power take-off , the other joint connects the inner tube of the PTO shaft with the implement

The range of the CMR GROUP PTO shafts includes 9 sizes of different dimensions according to the power to be transferred .

The sizes of the CMR GROUP PTO shafts and the power that can be transferred at 540 rpm are :

  • SIZE 1 up to   16HP
  • SIZE 2 up to   21HP
  • SIZE 3 up to   30 HP
  • SIZE 4 up to   35HP
  • SIZE 5 up to   47HP
  • SIZE 6 up to   60HP
  • SIZE 7 up to   70HP
  • SIZE 8 up to   90HP
  • SIZE10 up to 110HP


CMR GROUP PTO shafts can be used for speeds up to 1000 rpm. The maximum working length of the PTO shafts varies according to the size of the tubes

The range of the PTO shafts of CMR GROUP includes 4 series ,  according to the tube shape

AT series with tri-lobe tube (triangular)

The triangular tube shape is the most used, from lightweight to fairly heavy applications. In the case of applications with high sliding, the R version with Rilsan coating is also available.

AL series with two-lobe tubes (lemon).

The lemon tube is suitable for transmissible power of 16-35HP, it is the preferred choice for high speeds and low torque transmission. The two-lobe lemon tube grants low vibrations up to 2600 rpm with lengths not exceeding 800mm.

AC series with six-lobe tubes (star)

The star tube is suitable for applications with high torque peaks that could be harmful to the other tube shapes. The star tube with 6 contact points is also the preferred choice when transmissions exceed 1600mm in length and when the speed is 1000 rpm.

AG series with splined tube

The splined tube is suggested for very short PTO shafts. The splined telescopic shaft allows bushing and splined couplings of only 100-120mm.

The dimensions of the cross joints vary from 22mm diameter up to 48mm diameter and allow power transmission of up to 250HP.

The CMR GROUP range of PTO shafts accessories includes various types of yokes for the connection of the tractor power take-off  with recessed push button and/or ball collar and/or ball collar for constant velocity joints, with the following spline dimensions:

  • 1”3/8 Z6
  • 1”3/8 Z6
  • 1”3/8 Z21
  • 1”3/4 Z6
  • 1”3/4 Z20

while the types of yokes for the connection of the PTO shafts with the agricultural implement includes the same above splined yokes and also yokes with recessed button and/or ball collar with:

  • Single direction FREE WHEEL (RA)
  • Single direction PAWL torque limiter (SW)
  • Disc torque limiter clutch with spring (FFT)
  • Shear bolt torque limiter (SB)

CMR GROUP offers high quality PTO shafts with tubes fixed by spring pin, cross joints with roller bearings  with rollers

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