cardano 3

CMR GROUP supply a very large range of spare parts, needed by the end user for the routine maintenance of the PTO shafts, that  must be performed at least once a week.

The parts of the PTO shafts that are most subject to wear are:

  • the telescopic tubes
  • the safety guards
  • the cross joints
  • the torque limiters.

CMR GROUP recommends annual maintenance, just before the beginning of the new agricultural season, to check that the above-mentioned components are working correctly.

CMR GROUP has a large inventory of any spare parts for the PTO shafts, such as:

  • cross joints
  • yokes for outer tube
  • yokes for inner tube
  • joints for outer tube
  • joints for inner tube
  • outer tubes
  • inner tubes
  • safety guards
  • simple joints and double joints
  • constant velocity joints
  • free wheels (RA)
  • shear bolt torque limiters (SB)
  • pawl torque limiters (SW)
  • overrunning friction torque limiters.