Micro Casting  / Investment Casting  (so called  Lost-wax Casting)

The growing need of customers to reduce the costs of mechanical machining of steel parts obtained from sand casting, has led CMR GROUP to develop the production of blanks with the micro casting technology, also known as “lost-wax” casting or “investment casting”
CMR GROUP has located its own micro casting production centres in China, due to the lower labour cost and also to the availability of qualified personnel both for the melting process and for the development of the special moulds for the production of the “waxes” required for micro casting process.
Having expert staff and specialized departments for the production of moulds means that CMR GROUP is able to a rapid initial turnaround on projects and provide the first samples very quickly. Any changes to the moulds that may be requested later can also be implemented in very short time.
The extremely low investment cost of the moulds for micro casting allow the customer to get, with limited costs, the prototypes of different versions of the same item with different shapes or raw materials.
Micro casting technology makes possible to produce castings very similar to the finished parts and even very complex shapes, without problems of casting drafts and undercuts that normally occur with sand casting techniques.
Based on the customer’s needs, CMR GROUP can also obtain very high quality of surface finishing using the most advanced micro casting technologies. These allows to get by casting client’s logos and brands with excellent definition
The vast range of materials that can be used in the micro casting process (steel alloys, stainless steel, bronze and other alloys of various types, see table below) makes it possible to produce parts for a very large variety of applications in agricultural machinery/earth-moving machines, components for the shipping industry, parts for the food industry and for the mechanical sector and machinery components
Based on the customer’s drawing, CMR GROUP supplies both just cast blank parts and completely finished parts including the mechanical machining.
Mechanical machining is carried out on numerically controlled machine tools (NC) and machining centres (CNC) by CMR GROUP facilities.
With the micro die casting process, CMR GROUP can produce very different parts in terms of size and weight: from a few grams up to 40 Kg.
Thanks to the features of the micro casting technology, there are no limitations linked to minimum quantities to be produced.
CMR GROUP’s industrialisation department, in collaboration with the customer’s technical department, designs and develops specific micro castings that replace parts originally produced by other casting technologies or parts made by welded steel sheets , often with cost reductions and improved aesthetic details

Most common raw materials used in micro casting process:

ASTM A 105 AISI 303 16CrNi4
UNI 7845-78 C20 AISI 304 EN 10025 S355JR
UNI EN 10083-1:1998 C40 AISI 316 EN 10293 GS240
AISI 316L ASTM A352 025LCB