Industrial Applications

CMR can develop client’s projects according to customer specifications thanks to the availability of the most comprehensive processing technology.

Thanks to the experience gained over the years, combined with the versatility of the company and the expertise of the technical department, the customer is offered a complete service, from design to production of the finished product.

CMR manufactures products and technical components for a vast range of sectors, such as:

  • food processing
  • agricultural machinery
  • iron and steel parts
  • mechanical equipment
  • automotive industry
  • nautical application
  • hydraulic products
  • packaging equipment
  • windows and doors parts
  • chimney parts and flue pipes

Over the years, CMR has constantly invested in technology and instrumentation to ensure high quality standards and cutting-edge production methods.

Research and development are the basis of CMR’s business: thanks to continuous development of production processes, the company is able to meet the growing demands of a constantly evolving market.

100% checks on the processing phases and product traceability guarantee an efficient control on the quality of each single batch.

Each production is accompanied by technical certification and an inspection report issued by the QC staff,  reviewed and approved by the technical department.

In CMR, speed, punctuality and consistency are

the basis of collaboration with customers, suppliers and professionals involved in every single stage of production.