CMR Group also produce complete dedicated transmissions designed for some agricultural machinery according to OEM machines: the range of these complete transmissions includes:

  • Transmissions with gearbox for rotary harrows
  • Transmissions with distribution box with supporting frame, double universal joints and bevel gears complete with rotating plate for hay spreader (rotary tedders)
  • Load-bearing crossbars with distribution box and side extensions for round balers
  • Three-piece assemblies on a load-bearing frame with a fourth axis at low speed, for two-disc fertiliser spreader
  • Disc bars with or without gearbox, both with discs with blades, and with quick release discs

The technical features vary considerably according to the application, and to the customer’s requirements.



B series

Disc Mowers, mechanical assembly with gear compartment with blade-holder discs.

The disc mower range includes versions with 4-5-6-7 discs.

The version can be equipped with gearbox ratio 1:2 for power transmission up to 50 HP (540rpm).

Applications: side, front and rear disc mowers. Cutting bar for combine harvester head.

VE series

Gear transmission for harrows, with or without gearbox including tooth-holders.

The range includes 2 different size versions based on CMR Group EC100 and EC130 gearboxes.

For power up to 150HP:

  • Up to 90HP (540rpm) for the transmission with EC100 gearbox
  • Up to 150HP (1000rpm) for the transmission with EC130 gearbox

Applications: power harrows and folding harrows.

TE series

Complete mechanical assemblies for hay tedders include rotating elements with bevel gear and double universal joint connections. The central device and extensions include connections for opening and closing systems as well as for work adjustments.

Transmittable power up to 35HP.

Applications: front and rear rotary hay tedders


RE-RX Series

Three gearboxes assembly with load-bearing frame and main 4th axis gearbox.
Transmittable power up to 20HP.
Applications: fertiliser spreader.